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Anıt Sayaç : Şiddetten Ölen Kadınlar İçin Dijital Anıt Paylaşım

Anıt Sayaç, Türkiye’de kadına yönelik şiddetten ölen kadınların anısını yaşatmak için internet üzerinden kurulmuş bir anıt ve her gün güncellenen bir sayaçtır.

Why Are We Being Such İdiots About Climate Change? | Paylaşım

Veteran environment writer John Carey looks at why we don‘t make meaningful progress on climate change — and calls on us all to step up.

Black Mirror İs Coming True in China, Where Your ‘Rating‘ Affects Your Home, Transport and Social Circle Paylaşım

In Nosedive, an episode of Black Mirror released on Netflix last year, Bryce Dallas Howard plays Lacie, a woman seeking the approval of her soon-to-be-wed childhood friend.

How to Make Shakespeare Easy for English Language Learners | British Council Paylaşım

Have you ever had difficulty relating Shakespeare to learners of English? Tutor and resource writer Genevieve White comes to the rescue, in time for Shakespeare Day today.
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