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John Mcwhorter: 4 Reasons to Learn A New Language | Ted Talk Paylaşım

English is fast becoming the world‘s universal language, and instant translation technology is improving every year. So why bother learning a foreign language? Linguist and Columbia professor John McWhorter shares four alluring benefits of learning an unfamiliar tongue.

Yökdil ve YDS Başvuruları Başladı !

Üniversitemiz bünyesinde bulunan DİLMER'in (Yabancı Diller Öğretimi, Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi) faaliyetleri arasında yabancı dil sınavlarına hazırlık kursu da bulunmaktadır. YÖKDİL ve YDS' den yüksek bir puan hedefliyorsanız okulumuza bekliyoruz.   YÖKDİL 'e başvuru yapmak için http://yokdil.yok.gov.tr/  YDS'ye başvuru yapmak için https://ais.osym.gov.tr/Yetki/Giris?ReturnUrl=%2FYDS%2F2018%2F1%2FBasvuruKayit

Atul Gawande: Want to Get Great at Something? Get A Coach | Ted Talk Paylaşım

How do we improve in the face of complexity? Atul Gawande has studied this question with a surgeon‘s precision. He shares what he‘s found to be the key: having a good coach to provide a more accurate picture of our reality, to instill positive habits of thinking, and to break our actions down and then help us build them back up again. “It‘s not how good you are now it‘s how good you‘re going to be that really matters,“ Gawande says.

DPÜ Dilmer (Yabancı Diller Öğretimi, Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi)

DPÜ DİLMER (Dumlupinar University Foreign Languages Teaching, Application and Research Center) DPÜ DİLMER offers up to date language courses and other qualified teaching programs related to foreign languages by highly competent academic staff in a modern physical environment, and in a friendly teaching atmosphere. The certificates are given at the end of the programs by Dumlupınar University.

5 Techniques to Speak Any Language | Sid Efromovich | Tedxuppereastside - Youtube Paylaşım

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB Sid is our resident hyperpolyglot. He grew up in Brazil and after some journeying ar...
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